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How Many Types of These Rings Do You Own?

Ring is not just metal worn around the finger but much more than this. Based on their importance, meaning and value, there are different types of rings available in the market. Check how many of these you have in your collection.

A ring is not just an accessory or a piece of jewellery worn to adorn the finger. Apart from their beauty and monetary value, rings hold great emotional and traditional value. Every design, color, stone and metal used in the ring speaks volume about it. This is the reason a ring is considered a perfect symbol of serenity and purity for a relationship. Designers across the world, come up with unique designs of different types of rings for different occasions like engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby shower etc. Every type of ring has its own significance. Today we will talk about five different types of rings. Check them and find out how many of these rings do you have in your collection.

1. Beaded Rings

Beaded Rings

As clear from the name, these rings are made from different types of beads, woven into a thread made of different types of metals like gold, silver, copper alloy etc. To make them look beautiful and different, colorful beads are used.

2. Couple Bands

Couple Bands

Couple bands refer to the rings designed for bride and groom. Made from metals like plain gold, rose gold etc. these rings are given to bride and groom by each other during wedding ceremony.

3. Stone Rings

Stone Rings

Based on the purpose like for parties or for casual wear, these rings are made from precious and semiprecious stones. The beauty of stone rings is that these look great with various outfits as these are available in a variety of colors and cuts.

4. Cocktail Rings

Cocktail Rings

These are trendy oversized rings with precious or semiprecious stones. Women who want an instant boost of bling for their outfit love to wear these rings. Due to their large size and unique designs, these are also called as statement rings.

5. Carved Rings

Carved Rings

Carved with precision, these rings make a stunning piece of wearable art for the people who like to flaunt their love for art through their accessories. The designers customize the design and patterns of carved rings with color anodizing.

So how many types of rings do you own? Explore the collection of designer rings at Azeze to find the type of ring you don’t have.