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Jewelry you choose to wear every other day speaks volumes about you…

You can never have enough pearls in your jewelry case. NEVER. You never get another opportunity to establish a good, serene first impression. The garments you pick, the way you talk, the way you style your hair and the sort of adornments you wear… all consolidate to create an impression about your identity.

Jewelry is one of many ways individuals recognize themselves to others. Consider what the gems are saying in regards to other souls you meet at parties and in the city.


Here are a few types:

Large hoop earrings, heavy dangling necklaces, lots of broads and heavy rings are spotted on the people who are out-going. In one word – Extroverts. They are party loving, loud, classy and know how to handle themselves. They’re the life of any party, generous, and are known to draw people towards themselves the way magnet attracts metal filings.

Shells, small pearls, small studs and drop earrings captivate them. They love to go out, are very well aware of their surroundings. Browns, beige, blues and greens are their choices.

They are always presentable to the outer world. They are neat from top to bottom, extremely organized, and responsible with whatever they touch in their scrutiny. They prefer elegant, delicate gold necklets, or serene silver bracelets. Majority of the times, it matches the color of their shoes perfectly.


They are known to make bold statements. With jewelry, with their outfits, even with vintage pieces. They are known to wear what stands out. They usually take a lot of time choosing that particular piece of jewelry that’ll make place for itself in their wardrobe.

It is said with time, you change. When you change, your choices, your priorities change as well. So, next time you love those earrings you just saw online, put some thought into it and see whether it reflects your personality or not.