Beyond Beauty: The Dark Side of Hormones in Eyelash Growth Serums


I. Introduction

A. The Glamour vs. the Grit: A Peek into the Dark Side

Step into the captivating world of beauty, where the allure of lush lashes often conceals a darker reality. In Australia, a brand faced an outright ban due to the spine-chilling side effects of its star ingredient—prostaglandins. Brace yourself as we unravel the dichotomy between glamour and the gritty truth, exposing the risks beneath the surface of seemingly harmless eyelash serums.

The Dark Side of Hormones in Eyelash Growth Serums

B. Infamous Bans and Shocking Side Effects

The journey begins with bans and banshees. Imagine a beauty product banned not for lack of efficacy but for the haunting side effects experienced by its users. We shed light on the shocking aftermath of mindlessly pursuing beauty, where promises of enchanting lashes come at the cost of vision impairment, eyelid inflammation, and more. The consequences are real, and the industry grapples with its dark secrets.

C. Decoding the Mystery of Prostaglandins in Eyelash Serums

Let’s demystify the notorious prostaglandins. Originating as a treatment for glaucoma, these hormone-like compounds took an unexpected detour into the world of beauty. What role do they play in eyelash serums, and are all serums guilty of harboring these potentially harmful ingredients? Our journey into the science behind prostaglandins promises clarity in a landscape often clouded by beauty industry mysteries.

Mystery of prostaglandins in eyelash growth serums

II. The Allure of Lush Lashes and Bold Brows

A. The Beauty Psychology: Beyond Aesthetics

Embark on a journey where beauty meets the mind. Long, thick lashes and bold brows aren’t just a cosmetic preference; they delve into psychology. Solid and healthy lashes aren’t merely an accessory but a visual testament to overall well-being. Uncover the science behind why a complete set of lashes is more than a beauty standard; it’s a sign of vitality and fitness.

The Allure of Lush Lashes and Bold Brows

B. The Desirable Duo: Long Eyelashes and Thick Eyebrows

Picture-perfect lashes and brows aren’t just about aesthetics; they wield a magnetic appeal. Beyond the surface, these features signify more than beauty—they symbolize health and youthfulness. Discover the subtle cues that make long eyelashes and thick eyebrows universally attractive. It’s not just about looks; it’s about the timeless allure of vitality and vigor.

Long Eyelashes and Thick Eyebrows

C. Sorting through Beauty Claims: Miracle or Mirage?

Navigating the beauty aisle can feel like a maze in a market flooded with promises. Phrases like “miracle growth” and “instant results” echo through online platforms, but are these claims trustworthy? We untangle the web of beauty promises, separating fact from fiction. Join us as we sift through the marketing noise to unveil the reality behind those enticing product descriptions.

III. Paying the Price: The Reality of Beauty Methods

A. A Menu of Beauty Solutions: Which Ones Bite Back?

Dive into the expansive world of beauty solutions, where choices abound. The beauty industry presents an array of options, from semi-permanent eyelash extensions to eyebrow pencils that work their magic. But amid the variety, a cautionary tale unfolds. We scrutinize the methods that promise enhancement without peril and those that may conceal a dark secret.

Varied choices from eyebrow pencils to eyelash extensions

B. Spotlight on the Perils of Prostaglandin-Packed Serums

As we navigate the beauty landscape, one item emerges with a darker side: lash and brow serums containing prostaglandins. The quest for longer lashes and thicker brows turns unexpectedly as we uncover the potential harm lurking in these seemingly innocuous products. Brace yourself for revelations on how pursuing beauty may come at an unforeseen cost.

C. Unmasking the Hidden Dangers: The True Cost of Vanity

While the desire for longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows is universal, the price one pays for these beauty aspirations varies. We unravel the hidden dangers concealed within prostaglandin-packed serums, exposing the potential harm inflicted on the delicate canvas of your eyes. The journey towards beauty takes an unforeseen detour, revealing a side of vanity that demands a closer look.

IV. Prostaglandins Unveiled: A Beauty Treatment Turned Nightmare

A. The Glaucoma Link: From Healing to Harm

Prostaglandins, originally harnessed for treating glaucoma, took an unforeseen turn when users noticed an unexpected side effect – remarkable eyelash growth. Beauty brands swiftly capitalized on this discovery, introducing lash and brow serums with prostaglandins as the star ingredient. We delve into the origins of prostaglandins, tracing their journey from therapeutic eye drops to a central role in the pursuit of enhanced lashes.

Side effects of prostaglandins

B. Beauty Brands’ Aha Moment: Prostaglandins as a Growth Catalyst

The revelation that prostaglandins could stimulate extraordinary eyelash growth led to a surge in beauty products featuring these hormone-like compounds. However, as the quest for longer lashes intensified, so did the startling realization that prostaglandin-packed serums were not without consequences. Brace yourself for exploring the darker side of beauty, where what promises allure might also deliver unforeseen harm.

C. The Unsettling Side Effects: Eyes at Risk

As we uncover the narrative behind prostaglandins, we confront the unsettling side effects that accompany their use. Beyond the allure of longer lashes lies a spectrum of undesirable outcomes – eyelid inflammation, blurred vision, darkened skin around the eyes, and ocular surface damage. The impact is not merely cosmetic; it extends to the well-being of your eyes. In 2018, a well-known brand faced repercussions as Australia banned its prostaglandin-laden serum due to severe side effects. Yet, the saga continues, with synthetic alternatives concealing potential risks.

Damage caused by prostaglandins

V. Regulatory Wake-Up Calls and Health Alarms

A. Banned Down Under: Australia’s Stand Against Hormonal Serums

In 2018, the Australian Department of Health took a decisive step, banning the sale of lash serums containing hormones, including prostaglandins, in salons and spas. The move aimed to protect consumers from the potential permanent side effects of these growth hormones. The question arises: Why such stringent measures? The list of side effects reads like a cautionary tale, emphasizing the critical need for informed choices.

B. FDA’s Verdict: Clinical Tests, User Woes, and 4% Adverse Outcomes

The United States FDA, not to be outdone, conducted clinical tests on a famous lash serum brand, Latisse, featuring growth hormones (bimatoprost ophthalmic solution) 0.03%. The results were alarming – approximately 4% of users reported adverse side effects – LATISSE. This revelation raises a red flag on the safety of over-the-counter lash serums, prompting a reconsideration of their usage without proper scrutiny.

C. Dr. Jennifer Lyerly’s Insight: Inflammation, Vision, and Lasting Damage

Optometrist Dr. Jennifer Lyerly sheds light on the consequences of prostaglandin analogs, emphasizing the potential for lasting adverse effects on vision quality and overall eye comfort. The analogy of meibomian glands secreting oil brings home the gravity of the issue. Thickened oil, likened to toothpaste, can impair the even spread over the eye’s surface, leading to irreversible damage. Dr. Lyerly’s cautionary words echo the need for meticulous research before venturing into the realm of lash serums, especially those laced with hormones. – Beauty Closet

VI. Synthetics Sneak In: OTC Lash Serums Under the Radar

A. Synthetic Prostaglandins: The Regulatory Dodge

Not all eyelash serums are created equal. The market is flooded with natural and synthetic alternatives to prostaglandins. Here’s the catch – while some don’t require a prescription and are budget-friendly, they often carry the same risks as their hormonal counterparts. A notable concern is the prevalence of synthetic prostaglandins in over the counter (OTC) lash serums, cleverly marketed as cosmetic products to evade prescription requirements.

B. Consumer Unawareness: The Hidden Hormones in Every Swipe

The unsuspecting consumer often remains oblivious to the hormonal content in their lash serum. Synthetic prostaglandins, while providing accelerated lash growth, mirror the potential side effects of their natural counterparts. This raises a critical point: informed decisions demand meticulous scrutiny of ingredient lists.

Watch out for hidden hormones

C. Synthetic vs. Natural: The Battle for Safe Lashes

Amidst the synthetic surge, the silver lining lies in natural and safe alternatives. Vigilance is key, and avoiding the following synthetic prostaglandins is crucial:
  • Isopropyl Cloprostenate
  • Bimatoprost
  • Isopropanol Phenyl-hydroxy-pentene
  • Dihydroxy-cyclopentyl-heptanoate
  • Dichloro Dihydroxy Difluoro Ethylcloprostenolamide
  • Trifluoromethyl Dechloro Ethylprostenolamide
Steer clear of these synthetics and journey towards naturally lush lashes without compromising eye health. List of synthetic prostaglandins

VII. Ingredients Unveiled: Steering Clear of Toxic Territory

A. Prostaglandin Pitfalls: Ingredients to Dodge

Prostaglandins: Once hailed as lash miracle workers, these compounds have a flip side. Beyond promising growth, they often bring eye irritation, discoloration, and the shadow of lasting eye damage.

B. Beyond Prostaglandins: The Nasty Ingredients in the Mix

As we navigate the lash serum landscape, avoiding prostaglandins is only the beginning. Recognizing and sidestepping toxic ingredients is paramount. Here are red flags demanding your attention:


Crafted synthetically using Ethylene Oxide, PEGs harbor a dark secret—they might be tainted with 1,4-Dioxane, a documented carcinogen. PEGs can penetrate the skin, potentially leading to systemic toxicity.

Sodium benzoate + ascorbic acid:

When combined, this duo dances with danger, forming benzene—a known carcinogen. Benzene exposure may lead to serious health issues, including an increased risk of cancer.

Potassium Sorbate:

Labeled as a skin toxicant or allergen, Potassium Sorbate raises red flags, especially in delicate eye regions. Prolonged exposure may cause skin irritation and allergies and contribute to skin sensitization.


Long-term loyalty could harm your skin and immune system; this ingredient is stamped as a respiratory toxicant, with escalated risks near your eyes. Continuous use may lead to skin dryness, irritation, and allergic reactions.

Boric Acid:

Linked to disrupting the body’s endocrine system, Boric Acid poses potential health hazards. Prolonged exposure may lead to hormonal imbalances, impacting various bodily functions.

Sodium Borate:

Tagged as ‘expected to be toxic or harmful,’ Sodium Borate faces regulatory constraints in cosmetics due to its dangerous nature. It can induce skin and eye irritation, as well as reproductive and developmental harm.

Once camouflaged in beauty elixirs, these ingredients now step into the spotlight. As you embark on your quest for luscious lashes, armed with insights, make informed choices—steer clear of these toxic troublemakers for an allure that’s not just captivating but safe.

Toxic ingredients in the serum

C. Reading Labels Right: Your Shield Against Lash Serum Risks

Your shield against lash serum risks lies in reading labels right. Take charge of your beauty choices by staying informed and removing ingredients that jeopardize eye health. The path to enchanting lashes should be paved with safety, not compromises. Stay tuned as we embrace natural alternatives, unlocking the secrets to alluring lashes without the dark side.

VIII. Embracing the Safe Path: Alternatives for Alluring Lashes

A. Mother Nature’s Bounty: The Power of Natural Extracts

The quest for longer lashes need not compromise your well-being in a world teeming with options. With its bountiful offerings, Mother Nature provides a sanctuary for safe and effective alternatives. Unlock the potential of natural extracts that foster lash growth without the shadow of harmful side effects.

Procedure for obtaining natural extracts

B. Clean and Green: Serums Sans Hormones but Full of Results

Clean beauty takes center stage as we explore lash serums sans hormones. Navigate the green landscape of products designed to enhance lash growth without the need for prescription-induced complexities. Discover the synergy of clean formulations that deliver on the promise of luscious lashes.

C. A Gentle Reminder: Beautiful Lashes Without the Health Hazard

Amidst the allure of lengthened lashes, a gentle reminder resonates – beauty should enhance, not endanger. Embrace the safe path to captivating lashes, where every application contributes to your allure without compromising your health. Stay with us as we unravel the ingredient goldmine for a genuinely enchanting lash journey.

Acquire danger-free journey to beautiful lashes

IX. Ingredient Goldmine: Choosing Wisely for Beautiful Lashes

A. Oils for Nourishment: The Castor and Coconut Conundrum

Ever wondered what nature’s secret to luscious lashes and brows is? The answer lies in a nourishing oil base. Picture this: Castor Oil, a stalwart in the beauty realm, not only moisturizes but also infuses eyelash and eyebrow hairs with vitamins, proteins, and Omega-6 fats. Result? The illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. And let’s not forget Coconut Oil—a guardian against breakage, sealing in moisture for lashes and brows that radiate health.

B. Vitamin E Magic: Aging Gracefully and Boosting Lash Growth

Eager to defy the hands of time? Keep an eye out for the unsung hero, Vitamin E. Beyond its anti-aging prowess, Vitamin E flaunts natural antioxidants that are a guardian to hair growth. Picture this as your knight in shining armor, a natural conditioner working diligently to combat oxidative damage and bid farewell to hair loss concerns.

C. Actively Natural: Clinically Proven Ingredients for Lash Bliss

Embark on a quest for eyelash and eyebrow serums with natural active ingredients. These aren’t just any ingredients—they’re the superheroes of the natural world, clinically proven to spark the growth of long, healthy lashes and brows. In the beauty world, where choices abound, opt for the tested and proven, ensuring your lashes receive the royal treatment they deserve.

Azeze Eyelash Serum: Nature’s Elixir for Captivating Lashes

Azeze emerges as the beacon of purity and efficacy in a beautiful landscape crowded with options. Our eyelash serum is a harmonious blend of nature’s goodness, devoid of prostaglandins or harmful ingredients. Here’s a glimpse of what makes Azeze a standout choice:

100% Natural:

We believe in the power of nature, crafting a serum that harmonizes with your body’s rhythm, free from artificial additives or hormones.


Azeze takes a stand against animal testing, ensuring our commitment to beauty is not at the expense of our furry friends.

Sulfate-Free and Vegan:

Dive into the indulgence of a sulfate-free and vegan formulation crafted with care for your lashes and the environment.

Powerful Ingredients:

Purified Water, Hyaluronate, Vitamin E, Panthenol, Vitamin B7, Pentylene Glycol, Pumpkin Seed Extract, Panax Ginseng, Swertia Japonica Extract, Acorus Calamus Root Extract, Serenoa Serrulata Fruit Extract, Biotinoyl Tripeptide-1, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Oligopeptide-10—all working in tandem for lash enchantment.


Experience the purity of Azeze without any unwanted scents—our serum lets your lashes do the talking.

Elevate your lash care routine with Azeze—a commitment to beauty that blends science and nature, leaving you with lashes that tell a captivating story.

Plant-Based quality Ingredients in Azeze Eyelash Serum

X. Exiting the Hormone Highway: Transitioning with Care

A. Transitioning Wisdom: Navigating the Post-Hormone Landscape

Switching gears from hormone-heavy treatments to the refreshing embrace of peptide serums demands a mindful approach. Don’t rush this transition; let’s talk strategy. Post a hormone-based eyelash treatment, grant your eyelids 2-3 months to rediscover their natural rhythm. It’s more than just a waiting game; it’s a calculated pause ensuring your glandular function resets for optimal results.

B. Patience as Virtue: Allowing Eyelids The Breathing Room

Consider this interim period a spa day for your eyelids. It is a well-deserved breather after the hormone influx. This isn’t just about waiting; it’s a deliberate reset. Give your eyelids the space they need, allowing them to recalibrate naturally. Setting the stage for the subsequent treatment is vital, and patience becomes the cornerstone of this rejuvenation.

C. Peptide Power: Safely Unlocking Luscious Lashes

Peptides step forward as your reliable companions in this transition. As you bid farewell to hormone-heavy approaches, peptides usher in a new era. They’re safe; they’re gentle yet remarkably potent. These minuscule powerhouses stimulate natural lash growth sans the hormonal baggage. Embrace the peptide promise, and your lashes will respond with a resurgence of vitality.

A model applying lash serum

XI. Closing the Beauty Book: A Safer, Wiser Approach

Navigate the complex landscape of eyelash serums wisely. We’ve explored everything from the alluring beauty promises to the hidden dangers of prostaglandins. Choose safety with Azeze, our 100% natural eyelash serum, free from hormones and nasties. Prioritize health and beauty hand in hand. Elevate your lash and brow care with Azeze – a commitment to cruelty-free, safe, and effective products. Make the switch today for luscious lashes without compromise.


Q1: How do hormones in eyelash growth serums affect our body?

A: Hormones like prostaglandins in eyelash serums can stimulate hair growth, including eyelashes. However, they may also have systemic effects, potentially impacting hormone-sensitive organs like the eyes and skin, leading to concerns such as eye irritation, discoloration, or changes in eye color.

Q2: Are all eyelash growth serums equally risky when it comes to hormone content?

A: Not all eyelash growth serums contain hormones, but many do. It’s essential to carefully read the ingredient list and consult with a dermatologist or healthcare provider before using any product, especially if you have a history of hormone-related health issues or sensitivities.

Q3: Can eyelash growth serums with hormones cause long-term damage?

A: While short-term use may not cause significant harm for most individuals, long-term use of eyelash growth serums containing hormones can potentially lead to adverse effects such as eye dryness, redness, or even permanent changes in eye color. It’s crucial to weigh the risks and benefits before committing to extended usage.

Q4: Are there natural alternatives to hormone-based eyelash growth serums?

A: Yes, there are natural alternatives available, such as serums containing peptides, biotin, or plant extracts like castor oil or green tea. While these alternatives may not provide as rapid or dramatic results as hormone-based serums, they are generally considered safer and gentler on the delicate eye area.

Q5: What precautions should I take when using eyelash growth serums with hormones?

A: First and foremost, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Perform a patch test before applying the serum to ensure you don’t have an allergic reaction. Avoid getting the serum into your eyes, and if you experience any adverse effects, discontinue use immediately and seek medical advice. Additionally, pregnant or breastfeeding individuals should consult with their healthcare provider before using any products containing hormones.
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